Writing Your Resume

The following tips are offered to help you produce a well-written and organized resume:

  • Include name, complete mailing address, telephone number with area code and email address.
  • Employment history beginning with the present or most recent job.
  • Include education, awards and accomplishments.
  • Include volunteer work, military experience and internships.
  • Include other training and languages spoken.
  • Include computer hardware and software skills.
  • Outside interests.
  • Use action verbs (i.e., managed, coached, sold, created, gathered, analyzed).
  • Use present-tense verbs for a current job, and past tense for previous jobs.
  • Be consistent. If you spell out province names, do so throughout the resume.
  • Keep indentations and other special devices consistent.
  • Use a font that is easy to read. Avoid script fonts, too much bold type, or type that is smaller than nine point.
  • Keep your resume on one page. If you require an additional page for awards, accomplishments, community service, etc., consider adding a half page to provide this information.
  • Make sure you can perform the tasks and skills you specify.
  • Proofing your resume is just as critical as creating it. Oftentimes, misspelled words or other basic grammar errors can eliminate you from consideration. Always have at least two other people carefully review it.

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