Writing Your Resume

The following tips are offered to help you produce a well-written and organized resume: Include name, complete mailing address, telephone number with area code and email address. Employment history beginning with the present or most recent job. Include education, awards and accomplishments. Include volunteer work, military experience and internships. Include other training and languages spoken.… Read more »

Interview and Resume Tips

Interviewing is a critical process to landing the right job. The following are key points to help you develop your resume and prepare for your job interview: Prepare for the interview. Anticipate questions and practice your answers. Making a great first impression is important, so dress for success, be friendly yet professional and show enthusiasm.… Read more »

Refer A Friend

We are always looking for more qualified workers for our clients. If you know someone who is interested, simply send them a link to our website and get them registered! In turn, if we place your referral on a job for temporary or permanent placement, we will pay you a referral fee and mail a… Read more »