Again, I was in need of 8 solid workers to help on the construction side until late fall. Our current agency was not cutting the mustard and had a hard time supplying us with dependable workers. So i tried another agency and same issues along with workers showing up late, no PPE, and alcohol smell on their breath. i finally got fed up and knew i should of called Cambrian Search in the first place. There was no surprises and they delivered exactly what we needed, including that the workers were properly trained. i kept the workers for the remainder of the season (11 weeks), and know my first call in the spring will be to CSG. Thanks to Mark and Kayla for making it happen. Have a great winter.
Geoff L.

Good Quality Workers

I was searching for support staff in our office and didn’t have any success on my own search. Realizing that the costs incurred to find my own employee and not being confident enough to acquire and keep the right person, another business associate referred CSG to me and told me to try them out. I called and got an immediate response and thought I would put their advanced hiring process to the test. With in 24 hours they have several candidates for me to pick from and were well qualified. After choosing, the candidate was able to start the next day, and one year later, she is one of my most valuable employees. Thanks to all the staff at CSG, and I won’t hesitate to refer colleagues for your service. I look forward to needing your services again in the future.

Debbie B

I found myself in a bind trying to advertise and interview potential candidates for a welding position within our company. I couldn’t devote the time it needed and was taking away from my core production. My time is very important and knew that I had to outsource. I called several local suppliers to find that CSG’s quality of candidates and overall cost of service was very good and was acceptable. We had a welder the next day and hired him. The welder came with the right qualifications and has now become an asset to our company. I look forward to dealing with them again for my staffing needs.

Marc D.

Recently I found myself in need of filling a new position in our company created by the current market demand for our services. After a couple different methods and attempts by myself at finding a person that was suitable as a mechanic, I realized the time and effort required in the this process, and also realized that I did not have the time personally to do this properly. I contacted the Cambrian Group to take on the role. I was more than impressed at the manor in which I was taken care of. Within 2 days they had supplied me with a suitable mechanic from their People Base and is still employed with us to this day. Without question I would recommend CSG, and I will use them again in the future.

Brett M.