Interview and Resume Tips

Interviewing is a critical process to landing the right job. The following are key points to help you develop your resume and prepare for your job interview:

  • Prepare for the interview. Anticipate questions and practice your answers. Making a great first impression is important, so dress for success, be friendly yet professional and show enthusiasm.
  • Be punctual. It’s best to be about fifteen minutes early. Call ahead for directions. Nothing will destroy your chances quicker than being late.
  • Dress appropriately. If necessary, call the receptionist and ask what the company dress code is.
  • Basic hygiene is also important; have clean clothes, hair and body. Avoid too much cologne or perfume.
  • Don’t create answers you think the interviewer wants to hear. Be honest. Be yourself. You don’t want to get hired under false pretenses.
  • Never complain about past jobs or bosses. Negative employees are difficult employees.
  • Know specifics about computer software and operating systems that you have experience with and be sure they are listed on your resume.
  • Always ask for a business card from your interviewer. You’ll need it for a thank-you email or follow-up letter.
  • More often than not, salary is not discussed at a first interview.
  • A good resume will command about two minutes of a recruiter’s time. If within that two minutes the recruiter cannot locate the information needed to consider you for an interview, your resume will be tossed in the “not qualified” stack.

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